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If you're a beginner and you've been using your camera on Auto, or trying various settings with mixed results, this workshop will give you a good foundation in photography in just one day. The day is split between a classroom session for the theory part and practical outdoor assignments as we put learning into practice. We find this method works well after our years of experience. You'll have ample hands-on practice and take-home handouts and assignments to refine your skills.Based at The Best Western Hotel at Victoria Quays in Sheffield, which is set around the canal basin with lots of photographic opportunities, learn essential camera skills to get off Auto and become more creative with your photography and get consistent results. Loan camera's available free of charge if you have yet to make a decision about buying a camera, please put a comment on your booking form. Parking available on site for the reduced rate of £2.50 .This workshop runs from 10am until 4pm

Explore Your CameraPart 1 - Get off Auto (SHEFFIELD)

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